FAQ About Brea Urgent Care

Q: Why choose Brea Urgent Care?

A: Brea Urgent Care is a medical clinic that offers a very comfortable, inviting and upscale setting for patients, and also provides a convenient and affordable alternative to the hospital emergency room and even your primary care physician.

Q: Who are your Physicians?

A: Our Physicians are Board-Certified and offer more than 20 years of training and experience in the medical care field. In addition, your experience at Brea Urgent Care is even further enhanced by our friendly and knowledgeable support staff.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: No, you can walk in at any time and receive prompt medical care and treatment during our convenient business hours available 7 days a week.

Q: Can I actually make an appointment?

A: Now you can conveniently make an appointment by going to our website and clicking on: “BOOK ONLINE FOR URGENT CARE”. When you do that, you will be taken to a link where you can schedule an appointment to be seen by one of our urgent care physicians.

Q: Do you perform X-Rays?

A: Yes, we have a certified X-ray technician on staff during all hours of operation, and we perform digital X-rays as well. Digital X-rays allow us to transmit these results to a Radiologist, who performs an “official” read on all our x-rays, results which we receive usually within 24 hours. Furthermore, we can “burn” the digital images to a disc, which allows you to take a copy to a specialist.

Q: Do you perform lab tests?

A: Yes, we have well trained and certified medical technicians who draw blood for routine laboratory testing.

Q: Do you perform repairs of lacerations?

A: Yes, suturing and appropriate treatment of lacerations is provided for at our facility.

Q: Do you provide for care of fractures and broken bones?

A: Yes, our physicians evaluate injuries to bones (and the soft tissues), taking appropriate x-rays of injured body parts, as well as performing splinting and immobilization as required.

Q: Do you refer patients to specialists?

A: Yes, we refer to appropriate specialists when follow-up care is required.